About Amelia Fortes | Self Love Story
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About Amelia Fortes

Why Create Self Love Story?

When life is in the dumps,
all you need is a little self love to make it better
& get stuff done.

This is my specialty!

I expertly use laser coaching, warm loving energy, and a little dash of tough love
to help you get the results you want fast… and have fun while doing it.

My intuition is on fire, and I have a special knack for asking
juuuuust the right question at the right time.

In addition,  GIVING BACK is baked into my business plan
and I am committed to giving at least 5% of my income
to for-purpose organizations I believe in.

About Amelia

Founder Amelia Fortes

I'm Amelia Fortes, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. If you're ready for my rambunctious joy and loving honesty, schedule your first 20 minutes free. Let’s uncover the best of who you really are.

Amelia Fortes



Amelia Fortes was always a good little girl and did exactly what mom, grandma, and Uncle Sam told her: she went to school, got good grades, and got a good, high salary job with benefits. She was very involved in school politics, interned at hospitals and Fortune 500 companies, and graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. After graduating college, working on Wall Street in New York City, and running her own online skincare business for a few years, Amelia decided to take her corporate and business skills, mix it with her passion for teaching, performing, and entertaining, and create a brand new lifestyle for herself. She realized following the status quo wasn’t the best way to the creative and passionate life of freedom she desired so she followed her dreams to sunny Los Angeles, California.

Her vision is to live in a world where everyone knows their goals and dreams are not just things to fantasize about, they are moments to look forward to! Driven by her passion for being a voice that empowers and inspires a generation, she started her own business as an edutainer (educator + entertainer) & coach. Her coaching sessions, workshops, and videos are a spontaneous adventure and transformational to say the least. She can’t wait for you to come in, sit down, and enjoy the ride!