An Apology Letter To God (Rinse And Repeat)

An Apology Letter To God

(Rinse And Repeat)

Dear God,

I owe you an apology so I’ll start by saying sorry. All you ever asked me for was your trust and lately, I’ve just been in my own will. I’ve been scared for my own survival and when I get scared, the first thing I forget is You. I rely on my own human brain and contract the worst strains of SHOULDitis and memory loss. Please forgive me yet again for being human. I know the only thing to really experience that forgiveness is for me to forgive and accept myself. I forgive and accept myself (again) now. Of everything I know, I know trusting in You is the the only Truth I need. So with all of that said, I’m sorry, and I’m also sorry for the next time I’ll have to write you this letter again. Thank you for this reminder and in advance for the next time you’ll remind me. Hehehe.

Remember, every time you look down your crown slips a bit. Keep your head up high no matter what you’ve been through. God knows your journey. He got you.👑 Have a good day and always remember to smile!

*Amelia Fortes is a lifestyle edutainer and intuitive coach who travels all around the United States empowering people to make better life decisions and to see the world. Visit to book Amelia for speaking or coaching services.

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