Feeling Myself Friday | Self Love Story
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Feeling Myself Friday

About This Project

Feeling Myself Friday
Self Love Story features special weekly online events where the boss babes in the community can share and relate to one another. Among the favorites of these online events are Self Care Sunday, Mindset Monday, & Feeling Myself Friday. These events take place in the Self Love Story online community which you can join for free at: facebook.com/groups/selflovestory
Feelin’ Myself Friday
It’s not bragging…. it’s Empowerment! When we give ourselves permission to let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.
The intention of a Feelin Myself Friday post is to empower you to be PROUD of what makes you awesome (and all the wins big & small).
When you see this post each week, please take a minute to share at least ONE thing you’re proud of, relieved to have crossed off the list, or even thankful for – anything worth celebrating! – with us.
What we focus on EXPANDS. So let’s focus on what’s going RIGHT.

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